The cleaner: your best friend!

The cleansing step is often overlooked or even botched. Too often, sensitive skin buys and uses products that are not adapted to its condition.

Gel or foam cleansers may seem attractive, but the truth is that these textures can dry out your skin even more. The same principle applies if you use disposable makeup removal pads. These are often bleached with chlorine and can damage your skin.

If you have sensitive and dry/very dry skin, you should opt for a cleansing milk or oil instead in order to not aggress the skin, to nourish it and to give it back some suppleness. This change will greatly improve feelings of tightness and discomfort.

Tap water = NO

Tap water is much too “hard” and drying to be used on your pretty face. When it comes to rinsing your milk, choose a thermal water or floral water instead of tap water.

This will especially help skin with redness and other skin inflammations. Our favorite floral waters: chamomile, rose, neroli or cornflower. As for thermal water, always choose isotonic waters that do not require rinsing.