ECOTAO opens a new way by transforming a daily gesture of many women, into eco-responsible actions beneficial for their health and the environment.

Thanks to its make-up remover, cleansing and reusable wipes made of bamboo and high quality organic cotton, ECOTAO goes much further and creates a virtuous circle, by favouring ecological and eco-responsible choices at every stage. In this ecosystem, each user gives a new meaning to a daily gesture and acts in favor of the zero waste movement while participating in the manufacturing of local products 100% Canadian.

Indeed, ECOTAO fabrics and wipes are entirely made in Montreal by social impact organisation.

The idea seems simple, but it was born out of a global commitment to health, coupled with a strong ecological awareness.

The project has also been in development for several years.   In a collaborative effort, the products were developed and perfected with a two-sided design.

After having the prototypes tested by aesthetic professionals, creating a real craze, the brand started looking for a workshop that could guarantee a high quality product, in a logic of ethical, local and responsible production.

Moving forward with determination and perseverance, the brand even receives significant support for the quality and overall philosophy and products – ECOTAO is selected for the David Suzuki Foundation competition, in the winter of 2017-2018. This recognition proves the relevance of the project, which is part of the necessary development of collective ecological awareness.

Because our daily actions have an impact on our environment and everyone’s efforts have positive consequences for the preservation of our planet. ECOTAO, your health and your eco-responsible beauty are in your hands… The planet thanks you!

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