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Depending on its usage and maintenance, the lifespan of a wipe can vary. However, our founder still uses her first prototypes which will soon celebrate their 3rd anniversary.

I am a beauty professional and I would like to use ECOTAO products for my treatment or sell them in my store or online boutique, can I have a professional discount?

Yes, all professionals are allowed a discount. Please contact our team for further details.

We are proud to have partnered with the breast cancer Quebec foundation for a year. We have offered ECOTAO products but also money donations.

Our products are manufactured in Montreal.

Our boxes are designed and packaged in Montreal but made in China, simply because its raw material, bamboo, grows there.

Yes. Although our wipes are more expensive than non-reusable wipes, they last much longer and allow to save money when used over a certain period of time.

Orders can be placed directly online on our website (https://www.ecotao.ca), by email, phone or in one of our numerous resellers (see retailers section on our website).

ECOTAO wipes can be rinsed after each use and reused as needed. You can wash them by hand or in the machine with clothes and dry in the machine or air dry. If stains persist on the wipes, an environmentally friendly solution is to soak them overnight in lukewarm water mixed with a little detergent and a tablespoon of sodium percarbonate.

As they are ultra-soft, ECOTAO wipes do not irritate the skin. In addition, as they are chemical-free, they limit the risk of allergic reactions.

Our wipes are two sided and each side has a different texture, one extremely soft for gentle cleansing and the other more exfoliating for deep cleansing.

Our wipes are washable and reusable, making them a zero-waste product. They are an ecological alternative to disposable cotton discs which represent approximately 40,000 tones of waste per year in Canada among women aged 15 to 69.

They are also made of bamboo and organic cotton, two raw materials naturally respectful of the environment (https://labelloutre.fr/culture-coton-alerte-alerte/).

Our boxes are made from crushed and compressed bamboo fibers, so they are biodegradable. The ink on our labels is soy.

Finally, our boxes and packaging are made from recycled materials.

Our fabric is made in Montreal and our wipes are partly sewn at the Textil’Art workshop in Montreal (an organization which trains immigrant women in industrial sewing in order to integrate them into the labor market).

Made in QUEBEC-CANADA, our wipes are local, ethical and supportive.


As our products are personal hygiene products, unfortunately, except in special cases, our products will not be refunded or exchanged if you change your mind.

ECOTAO will provide a tracking number as soon as the goods are shipped. By clicking on the tracking number, you will be automatically directed to the Canada Post site where you will find the status of your order. You can also track your package by entering your tracking number directly on the Canada Post website www.postescanada.ca. Note that in some cases, especially when shipping internationally, the tracking number may unfortunately not be available.

If your package has been damaged in transit, contact us and we can refund the damaged items or resend them to you free of charge upon presentation of proof.

If you made a mistake with your order, you can contact us by email and we will try to resolve the situation. However, we do not guarantee that any changes will be possible.