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the black range

Transform a daily gesture into eco-responsible actions beneficial to your health and that of your environment.


Zero waste

Our mission is to reduce waste and promote zero waste habits. Ecotao products are washable and reusable.

ethical and social

We are proud to contribute to the integration of dozens of women in their communities.

Chemical free

Adapted to the most sensitive skins, all our products are made from organic cotton and bamboo.


local manufacturing

All our fabrics are woven and assembled in Montreal by social impact organisations.

Award winning

Ecotao reusable wipes received the LNE- Innovation award in Beauty Accessories Canada 2020.

Why use our wipes?

At each stage, we make ecological and eco-responsible choices.

In this ecosystem, each user gives new meaning to a daily gesture and acts in favor of the zero waste movement while participating in the manufacturing of local products 100% Canadian.

In fact, ECOTAO fabrics and wipes are entirely made in Montreal by social impact organisations.

Respects sensitive skin

Limits the risk of allergies

Organic, without chemicals

Good for the planet

Zero waste

Made in Montreal

Use, wash, dry, reuse!


Helping women

We're talking about us


I've been using the reusable wipes (for 4 months now) to remove oils. I love my Ecotao wipes.
I love them for their softness, thickness, and feel and the company's community and ethical values!!
Your product is amazing, the wipes don't stain!!! I really love them and all my make up came off easily.
I just starting using the wipes. I find them fantastic, beautiful fabric and perfect size. The soft side feel like a hug. I'll definitely promote them.
Nicole L
They are simply perfect! Soft for the face, and perfect size.
Magali P
Just fabulous. Extremely soft, they leave the face ultra clean and make up free. We all know how damageable not removing your make up before bed time can be. One side is ultra soft, ideal for very sensitive skin. The other side is textured for a deeper cleansing.
Claudia Zalega