Summer is winding down and we are all waiting for fall to roll around. Our whole mind, body and energy are all set for this season of renewal. However, summer may have left its mark on your skin. So here are some tips for keeping your peachy complexion this fall.


If you’re on the lookout for beauty trends, you’ve probably heard of “multimasking” which involves doing multiple masks on your face simultaneously or just one after the other. What are the benefits? It is important to know that the skin on your face is made up of different areas (forehead, cheeks, “T” area, chin) and that each of these areas often has different needs. For example, the forehead and cheeks tend to be quite dehydrated while the T zone is sometimes oily and more prone to blemishes.

Our favorite multimasking for complexion radiance

Foreheadtemples, facial contours – Mask enriched with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C and / or Retinol, floral water and essential oils. (Forget essential oils and vitamin C if you have very sensitive and fragile skin).

Eyes – Several masks in the form of patches are currently on the market and they quickly give you a refreshed eye! To do before an event.

Cheeks – Ghassoul in its most natural form. Mix it with a little lukewarm water, apply keeping the area moist at all times.

Zone T – Red clay mask (use green clay or charcoal-based masks only if you have oily skin and / or lots of blackheads). Remember to always moisten the area so that the clay DOES NOT DRY.

Lips – Yes, yes! We must not forget the lips! Our favorite mask is to simply coat them with manuka honey… Yum!